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7 shower designs to bathe better!

For some, taking a hot shower is the first gesture that helps us to clear ideas, to assume that a new day has just started and in short, to leave home full of energy, For others, it means that the day has come to its end, is that fleeting moment in which procrastinating is well seen, because, at this point, nothing matters more than disconnect and relax.

In this way, Drips n Drops showering has stopped being a simple act of hygiene to become one of the easiest forms of pure hedonism and rest. In this very close relationship that we have established, it is important to choose the design of the shower, as well as its accessories: because it is not the same an individual hand head, that a wall shower, from homify we want to show you the differences between the different options that exist in the market, so you can choose the one that best suits the size of your  bathroom and your needs.

Since our main objective is to find a suitable shower head, the first thing is to know the characteristics that distinguish one design from another. The one in the photograph is a sprinkler, which is commonly known as a rain head, because of the way in which the water comes off and falls directly on the head of the person who is showering, as if it were raindrops. The perfect distribution that this type of showers makes of the water, gives us a pleasant sensation that can make a bad day more than one. You can find them both subject to the wall, as well as from the ceiling, as well as round, square or rectangular, everything depends on the aesthetics of your shower tray.

A single shower head


This type of design is one of the best alternatives when we want to save space in the shower, or we have simply opted for a minimalist style. And it is that the showers of a single head hide their installation behind the wall, freeing it of any other accessory that normally accompanies a shower. Its head is quite similar to the sprinkler by which form in which the water falls, but not as far as its direction is concerned, since most of them throw it in a perpendicular direction, which diminishes that feeling of raindrops of which we spoke before.

Each shower has a function selector that allows us to choose which type of water jet we prefer: individual spray, elegant, spray, spray, etc. The number of options will depend on the head you choose.

If the size and needs of your bathroom require it, you can install two or more shower heads. This type of showers are very versatile, since we can distribute the jets of water to our liking, which means a greater water coverage throughout the body at the same time. The combinations that exist adapt to your personal preferences, although the most practical is the one that joins a fixed shower head, together with a hand counterpart, which will allow us a better control of the water. We propose  the design of the image that has combined an individual hand shower with a rain showerheadsubject to the roof itself, and that goes almost unnoticed. In this way, you can distribute the water more accurately, while receiving another jet from the top of the shower.

If what you want is to be practical, then this type of shower could be your choice. It is a single head that hangs on the wall next to its extension and allows you to manipulate it with total freedom. This is precisely one of its main advantages, since to be able to have it in a flexible way, we can also move in the shower dish as much as we want.

There are also showers that integrate two heads in the same system: one more manipulable that comes together with a flexible hose, perfect to wash our hair, for example, and another main one, higher than the first, and from where the jet falls more powerful water.

Of all the options, this type of shower is the most comfortable and versatile alternative since they integrate three very important elements in the shower space: taps, hand shower and sprayer. In addition, your presence is appreciated in a bathroom for people with reduced mobility or who need to shower while sitting.

One of the most pleasurable options are showers that combine a central head with small sprays placed on both sides of it and from where the water directly fired to the entire body. They get a massage effect, which guarantees us at the end of the shower to have recovered much of the energy expended throughout the day, if it is at night; or start the day with a much more relaxed attitude to the world, if we walk here in the early morning.

When installing them, it is important that each sprinkler be placed in such a way that a balance is achieved with the rest so that there is an equality in what the flow and pressure of the water refers, otherwise, the main reason for being this type of shower, disappears.

Another of the designs that little by little are becoming the preferred option by many, are the columns of hydromassages. A design similar to the previous one, only this time the jets of water come from only one direction, although the effect it produces on our body is as pleasant as that of the multiple sprays, but healthier, since these hydromassage columns work with a system designed to tone or relax the body. These are formed by three elements: an upper sprayer, a hand shower and a pair of water outlets that you can manipulate to personal taste and that directly affect the key points of your body. Can you ask for more?

In any case, if you want to know more about the operation and the amount of hydromassage column design, do not miss this book of ideas !

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