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Since there are many people who ask me for face-to-face courses, I have created this first series of workshops on Restaurant Management and Gastronomic Marketing in Madrid and Barcelona for April 13 and 20, respectively. 

What are the New Academy of Restaurant Management and Gastronomic Marketing?

In more than 10 years working in a restaurant and in the 5 years I have been in training for the hospitality and gastronomy sector I have detected certain patterns that are repeated in most businesses and the workshops are focused on solving them one by one.

The big problems that restaurants have, according to my experience, are the following:

  • They want to improve their restaurant, but they do not know how
  • Although they look for ways, they do not know how to motivate their work team
  • They feel that their staff can give more but they do not know how to lead it
  • It’s hard for them to organize their time to be more productive
  • They have difficulty in creating new marketing and sales strategies
  • They do not use the most important sales tools inside the restaurant such as the waiters and the menu.
  • They do not know where to start with social media marketing
  • They have profiles but do not see any results

  What will you learn in New Academy of Restaurant Management, Vendor management software and Gastronomic Marketing?

As I comment the idea of ​​these workshops is to solve all these problems and help you as much as possible to improve your management and sales.

Part 1. How to get the potential out of all the people in the restaurant by the Psychologist Lorena Parra Méndez

  • How to work fewer hours doing more and with better results
  • How to get the leader you are carrying inside
  • How to have a more motivated and more efficient team

Part 2. Gastronomic marketing and sales by Erika Silva, that is me

  • How to innovate in the restaurant to attract more customers
  • How to make a 30% more profitable letter
  • How to make effective marketing strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the blog.

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