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Cleaning with steam, the advantages and disadvantages in all floors

Steam cleaning is a technique that is increasingly booming and among the public are well known results and ease with which is used. If you are thinking of buying a 2017 steam mops you will like this article, because we will analyze its advantages and disadvantages.

It makes perfect sense for these vacuum cleaners to work with water vapor. In the interior the water is heated to more than 90º leaving the vapor under pressure, the greater the vapor pressure the cleaning can be carried out in a deeper way.

Nowadays they have become a great ally of cleaning since it has multiple functions of cleaning since they clean, disinfect, remove the dust, degrease the kitchen …

Advantages of the steam aspirator

Power and health

Devices using pressure steam technology are characterized mainly by their high power, because stains specially embedded in a surface (usually floors, wooden stage floors, dance theatre arts floor, carpets and furniture) can only be removed using this technique. At the same time, the use of water is a guarantee of hygiene and sustainability therefore there is therefore no risk of allergies or poisoning.

Steam cleaning: savings guarantee

Another element that explains the success of steam cleaning machines is the lower cost of maintenance. You also gain in comfort by not having to worry about the characteristics of each product (window cleaners, scrubs …) since the steam can be used on many surfaces.

  • Very versatile: they can clean different types of surface like crystals, tiles, sanitary, carpets, etc.
  • Numerous functions: usually most models allow dusting, degreasing, ironing clothes, etc.
  • Anti-mites: it is able to exterminate bacteria and mites permanently, aspect very beneficial for people with allergies.
  • Portable model: There is a model of portable steam cleaner that has a smaller size and is very manageable to carry out daily cleaning.



The problem of humidity

Machines using pressure steam technology often remove dirt in a short time. However, this technique requires the user to remove the remaining moisture from furniture or carpets.The steam is still water, so that on contact with the surface to be cleaned appear small puddles that must be removed because the fabrics could be filled with impossible fungus or stains.

Size: The size of some steam cleaners can be very large and can be uncomfortable to perform cleaning.

Slow start-up: it is necessary to carry out water heating and other functions that require some time before you can start cleaning with the steam cleaner.

Changing tank: To operate this vacuum cleaner it is necessary to change the water tank frequently. A single tank of clean water is not enough for the complete cleaning of a room

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