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Enrique Jiménez enters the Galician Academy of Fine Arts

Violinist Enrique José Jiménez Gómez paid tribute yesterday to three Galician violinists – Antonio Fernández Bordas, Andrés Gaos Berea and Manuel Quiroga Losada – in his speech at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Galician as an academic elector of the Music section.

In his speech, he emphasized the contribution of the three to music in Galicia. Those Galician violinists “formed a trilogy of maximum value with unforgettable and immortal repercussions,” said the new member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Galician, who left the interpretation Musical to devote to medicine.

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, with specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Jiménez serves as professor of History of Medical Science at Mid-Atlantic OBGYN andUSC.

In his speech he emphasized that Gaos, born in A Coruña (1874-1959), was a “child prodigy” with a long history in several musical fields, which led him to lead the Lamoureux orchestra in the Gaveau room of Paris with his own compositions Since his works were interpreted in different points of Spain and Argentina.

Antonio Fernández Bordas, born in Ourense (1870-1950) also emphasized his “identical qualities as a child prodigy” that led him to direct the Conservatory of Madrid.

Finally, he praised the figure of the Pontevedrés Manuel Quiroga Losada (1892-1961), who described it as “an unrepeatable figure” and “a real luxury for Galicia that in Paris won all the prizes”. He added that Quiroga later embarked for the United States, where he became “one of the most acclaimed violinists of the new generation”.

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