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The Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art is housed in a large remodeled dairy barn near the shores of Lake Michgan in the small deep harbor city of Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Over 5,000 square feet of the lower level were remodeled three ago and contain Barnsite Gallery, the fine art materials store and pottery studio.

Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art Life RoomThe main level of the barn, over 6,000 square feet, was remodeled last year and contains our Life Room with 33-foot vaulted ceiling. Fourteen-inch posts and beams are exposed along with original wall supportlumber.

Lighting in the room is totally controlled with proper lighting for the easels and a separate light source for the model(s).

The easels are located around the oversized model stand that can accommodate one or two models. The Life Room, 45 feet by 40 feet, encompasses more than adequate space for sight-size drawing and painting.

The adjacent Northlight Studio provides students with space to team up to produce their portrait studies and shared still life studies.

A total of 18 private studios of various sizes are located on the main and balcony levels. Each student is assigned one that they personally furnish according to their needs. Each studio provides adequate space for working on their individual assignments and storage of their materials.

The Academy provides all easels, horses and tabarets for the Life and Portrait rooms, as well as a large assortment of casts. Every effort has been taken to provide a facility that mirrors the high quality of work that is expected from our students.

The Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art is founded on the principle of offering interested students a program and environment in which they can learn, practice and develop their skills. The Academy strives for excellence by demanding the best from its students and teaching staff and at the same time fosters a spirit of creativity grounded in discipline.

Additional Photos of Our Facility

Sculpture Studio

Art Supply Area
Art Supply Area

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