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Kewaunee LighthouseThe Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art is located on the cusp of Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula, renown for its scenic Lake Michigan shoreline, picturesque lighthouses, quaint villages, beautiful fall foliage and an abundance of all season sports. Students can take advantage of the many attractions that make this area so popular, such as fabulous golf courses, lakes and streams for kayaking, canoeing, salmon and lake trout fishing on charters, or from the harbor shore. Miles of scenic hiking/biking trails and cross country ski areas are located within minutes or at the Academy. Our deep harbor marinas offer over 300 slips for season long and overnight skippers and their crews.

In Kewaunee, or within a short distance of the city, students can also find an abundance of historic sites, museums, fine art galleries, art schools, antique malls, theaters and music. Within a 30-minute drive, is the home of a professional football team that is fairly well-known.
Verhyen Geese
Living costs/employment opportunities
Living costs are all relative. Visitors are often surprised to learn that the cost of a Sunday dinner is less than $5 at several of our local cafes. Three years ago 64 apartments with a view overlooking Lake Michigan were built across the street from the Academy. They rent for approximately $500 per month, unfurnished, for two bedrooms. An additional large apartment complex was completed two years ago. Work opportunities are reported to be adequate for the aggressive person.

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