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Mango Silicone Case Designs with Kitchen grip / Pot holder Tutorial

With a silica productive bread handle cover factory at your service, Rocfly Blue Electronic Co., Ltd is one of the famous silicone bread handle manufacturers and suppliers. We offer customized tray and best non-slip skillet handle cover, and are waiting for your contact.

Silicone pan handle cover:

Product description:

This Pan handle silicone case can withstand high and low temperature. With its soft silicone rubber, we can use it to warm up the pan.

It has become our necessary in our kitchen, looks elegant finish and colorful body brings more fun. Also grille in the form of non-slip to use.

If you have any wonderful ideas in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to develop your special tool to make our life better. Provide OEM – flat casting, 3D service, for mass production.


1, light weight and hole in the handle makes it easy to action.

2, product material is relatively soft, feel comfortable when touching.

3, glue water does not stick, non-stick oil, easy to clean.

4, variety of color specifications, fashion style.

5, all material is premium silicone 100% food grade.

6, good hardness and breaks easily, can not be used repeatedly, non-stick, easy to clean.

7. tasteless, non-toxic, anti-dust, non-stick, waterproof, easy to clean and handle

The Tutorial:

I was thinking about renewing my pot holders, so I’ve taken the opportunity to make a new tutorial.
1- For a 6.2 ” x 6.2 ” pot holder, cut two squares of wadding and two of fabric with this measure (plus a margin in the case of the fabric) and a strip of fabric 3.1 ” x 1.6 ”.
2- Fold the strip of fabric leaving the wrong side out and sew it lengthways. Then turn the inside out with a safety pin.

3- Place, one on top of the other and in this order, both pieces of wadding and the fabrics, matching them by the right side. And between the fabrics, in the corner, place the strip folded in half, as in the photo. 

4- Sew together all the capes by the edge leaving an unstitched part to turn the inside out.

5- Before turning the inside out, cut the corners, as in the photo.

6- Close with hidden stitch and quilt to taste.

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