Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art

Specialist in cleaning services for businesses and neighboring communities


We offer sanitation and disinfection services for all types of sectors and establishments.


Cleaning in an educational center has to be methodical and thorough. Therefore, from our experience in the sector, we have stipulated specific cleaning protocols for each of them, taking into account both the different areas to be cleaned (classes, dining rooms, courtyards, etc.) and their possible parameters.

And is that, whether a school, a university, a day care or an academy, among others, every school requires specific needs for cleaning, sanitation and disinfection.

Residential and owner communities

We offer all cleaning and maintenance services that a community of neighbors or urbanization may need, adapting our budgets to the demands and characteristics of each case.

We have a highly specialized team, and we use the best machinery and the most effective materials and cleaning products.

Offices and Premises

In Lafuente Serveis Integrals we study the different needs of your establishment and we plan a cleaning service according to them. For example, we adapt to the schedules of your office or local and try to cause the least possible inconvenience to your employees, users and / or clientele.

Our extensive experience and our extensive and varied portfolio of clients endorse us.

Financial entities

With a work program adapted to the characteristics of each entity, we currently lend our cleaning services to the different branches that the main banks and cajas of our country have in Valencia.

We specialize in cleaning and erasing graffiti from walls and crystals, as well as removing graffiti made with lasers. In addition, we have an operational phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Industrial sector

Our teams are highly trained both to offer a top-quality cleaning service, as well as in the field of occupational risk prevention.

Thanks to its professionalism, in Vancouver Integrals we cover all the industrial sectors, studying the needs of each case carefully. In addition, we have the help of the latest technologies in cleaning, sanitation and disinfection.

Window Cleaning

A window cleaning business is one of the simplest businesses to start with. People who wash windows require very little start up capital. You can start your business with a little more liquid to wash windows and a sponge. However, it takes some time to build a business clientele.

Special Cleanings

We are specialists in cleanings of work in any kind of building, office, local, industry or private address, among others. Also, we carry out any type of cleaning your installations may need: from cleaning glass to polishing and polishing of floors, to scrubbing with specific machinery or cleaning of garages.

We adapt to each demand, personalizing both our auxiliary services and our budgets. Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our work.

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