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“The bookkeeper” or the less traveled story of literature, by José Luis Melero

In The bookkeeper (Editorial Xordica) find what watchword of all books of Jose Luis Melero : his only tour and staff for the least busy history of literature. The bookkeeper is an illustrated showcase where José Luis Melero shows us part of your library and which exhibits many of his passions and loyalties. “It could be said that I have done nothing else in this life than carrying the books. Like a bookkeeper he carries his books of account. I have read them, signed and ordered with precision, I have acarread them from side to side in interminable moves, I have bound them and dressed with decorum to avoid their deterioration and hide their shame, I have written in them – always in pencil, Glosses, opinions or indications for articles that may be published one day, I have placed my ex libris inside their covers so that those who read them in a few years remember that they were mine, and I have watched them in silence, like a good fork Would do with their own, to try to safeguard the secrets they hide. ”

And so we will know how was the bedroom of Perez Galdos and how wearing the cloak Spanish Diego de San José, loneliness that killed the poet Ignacio Ciordia, resentment against Baroja Luis Ruiz Contreras, the sale of the library Canovas del Castillo the unforgivable gossip Alfredo Marqueríe about Antonio Machado, remorse André Gide for having rejected the original Poust of a la recherche du temps perdu , the few copies sold of his books Ramon Gomez de la Serna, the true story of umbrella Of Azorín or the exciting lives of Ivan de Nogales or José Mor de Fuentes. “There are people who spend their lives thinking about the shrews. But sometimes you just have to do it once, at the most inopportune moment, to have tragic consequences. This is what happened to Gaudí on June 7, 1926, when he was to fulfill his daily visit to the church of San Felipe Neri.

And with them, many other characters in the Spanish culture poke its pages: Maria Sanchez Arbós, Alardo Prats, Julio Cejador, Pedro Vindel, Ramon Miquel i Planas or Teodoro Bardaji, who recovered the presence they once had and that the step Of the years made them lose unfairly. “He had the uncharacteristic personality that only the biggest ones have. That’s why he would appear and disappear when one less expected him, said the most grotesque and funny things without caring who was in front listening to them, and was one of the less conventional men I have known. At the same time, as a natural thing that came from within, he was good, tender and affectionate, friend of his friends, Aragonese wherever he was, noble and loyal. All that made him rabidly human, and without those qualities we would have thought that Tome was like some of his characters: crazy and excessive, almost unreal.

José Luis Melero is the author of Read to tell the tale , books war , Life Books , Writers and writings and the bookkeeper . In 2007 he published in limited edition for bibliophiles Cabinet Aragoneses Chosen Books . José Luis Acín prepared two anthologies of stories Aragon: Aragon Tales (1996) and More Aragonese stories (2000). In 1977 he was one of the founders of Rolde of Aragonese Studies and the magazine Rolde , whose editorial board is part since. He was Secretary of address Poems Collection of books of poetry between 1983 and 1986. Columnist Heraldo de Aragon . Read more here Xero bookkeeper sydney cbd.

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