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The Truth About hCG Injections Methods and Their Side Effects

Every time you start a new diet plan or simply change your diet, there is a chance that your body will react negatively. Usually, these side effects tend to last only a few days, until the body adapts to the changes you’ve made. The side effects of hCG injections are like many other common effects that appear when you start a new diet. Most of these are not dangerous and are only the result of changes in your eating habits and your hormonal levels.

When Dr. Simeons first developed the idea of ​​the hCG diet injection info, he began using injections as a method to administer the hormone to the patient. The reason for the use of this hormone is well documented in his studies, it is done to boost metabolism and suppress appetite of anyone. These changes help the individual burn more calories in less time and not eat when they are not really hungry.

With every hCG injection you receive, there will be some immediate side effects. It is very likely that the area where the injection was inserted hCG weight loss this a little more sensitive, slightly swelling and bruises appear . For those people who are desperate to lose weight, the side effects of the hCG diet mean the small price to pay for losing weight effectively and quickly.

To alleviate some of these side effects, a new way of applying the hormone hCG through oral drops  ( Ultra hCG ) is beginning to be used. This new type of supplement was not offered when Dr. Simeons was using the hCG diet with his patients. However, scientists have been able to use the synthetic hormone and convert it into liquid that can be taken orally. This method eliminates the need to inject hCG, a step that caused many people not to try this diet for fear of needles or their side effects.

Side effects associated with the hCG diet can be a bit uncomfortable, but not so much as to quit the diet or not use it as a weight loss solution. The most common effect is headache , believed to occur because of the amount of toxins out of the body. The same can be said about the fatigue and mental fatigue that many people experience once started hCG injections.

Some of the side effects may become more apparent if you try to exercise while following the hCG diet. Exercise is not recommended with this diet because of the low amount of calories you consume each day. Your body needs calories to get energy when you exercise, and this diet does not provide enough for this purpose. Caloric deficiency can manifest with body, nausea and dizziness fatigue .

Usually, most side effects are associated with hCG hormone injections. If you are experiencing any of these effects, it is recommended to try the application through oral drops. This method is as effective as hCG injections and has few negative effects.

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